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Grace Breeding is an agro-tech company focused on developing efficient and sustainable, nitrogenous, bio stimulant and climate stress relief products for farmers and agricultural-product distributors. 

Grace Breeding aims to address some of the most significant challenges facing the agriculture industry with natural, sustainable, and environmentally sensitive solutions.   With climate change putting an increasing amount of stress on the $8T global agricultural industry, Grace Breeding is bringing to market products that remove carbon from the agricultural supply chain while improving crop economics – specifically through improving yields and crop health, and by boosting the overall resilience of fruits, grains, and legumes alike. 

Grace Breeding’s mission is dual:  to improve crop health and provide bio stimulant and climate stress relief solutions that support farmers as well as to provide sustainable agricultural solutions for the Earth.  Grace Breeding is developing products that can improve a plant’s ability to adapt to climate change, while at the same time, reduce GHG emissions that are a persistent by product of conventional solutions that typically contain urea.   The Company’s core products (Nitrogenous Technology “NFT” and Wide Defense System “WDS”) leverage the power of biological-based compounds and naturally occurring bacteria to improve crop yields and enhance plant resiliency.  Grace Breeding’s solutions help a broad range of high-value crops to withstand the effects of droughts as well as environmental threats that are prevalent yet often unpredictable.  Furthermore, NFT reduces reliance on urea and therefore farmers’ exposure to the price volatility which was caused by the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and resulting lack of raw materials supply from Russia.

Grace Breeding was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Rehovot’s science park with an R&D center in Jazreel valley, Israel.  The Company is developing its products with several leading research and development centers around the world.