HILE Water Ltd

HILE Water LtdThe basis for all our operations is water that is constantly renewing, clean and ecologically extracted from Finnish Lapland. It has been filtered in Lapland in the ancient soil layers formed by the ice ages, in the depths of the millions-of-years-old bedrock.


We hold several rights in Finland to the best and cleanest drinking water springs in Lapland. Through our trail-blazing efforts, we have acquired significant water sources for the markets and for branding. Our raw material is of high quality, and this means enhanced efficiency. The natural yield from our springs is millions of litres per day.


The issuing of shares will in part enable us to launch a completely new production line. Our goal is managed growth, establishing of a brand and entry into the era of internationalization of Finnish water.


The export prospects are excellent. We invest in Finland and Finnish Lapland. This will be important for employment and the development of the organic area. Already now, enthusiasm and prospects for the project are noticeable. Water is a safe investment characterised by steadily increasing returns, year after year. The investment has a good value base and thus it also generates ethical benefits for its owners.


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The consumption of bottled water is increasing, which is a huge opportunity for Hile Water Premium and the demand for water that emphasizes indegineity.

According to a report prepared by UNESCO, water in Finland is the world’s best in quality. According to a business insider survey, the global bottled water market will grow every year.

The value of the water market is expected to rise to US $ 1,155 billion by 2021. And the market is crowing 10% a year on average.


Invest in indigeneity!