Idaho Irrigation Pumpers Associataion

Idaho Irrigation Pumpers Associataion


The Idaho Irrigation Pumpers Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to ensuring  “a reliable power supply at a reasonable cost”  for Idaho’s irrigators. A volunteer board of directors representing a broad cross section of Idaho irrigators and electrical energy users guides the Association’s programs.

The Association is committed to providing legal and technical representation for Idaho’s irrigation pumpers before the Idaho Public Utilities Commission, the Idaho State Legislature and in other forums where the future and cost of our electrical supply is discussed.

The Idaho Irrigation Pumpers Association is funded by voluntary contributions from individuals, corporations, associations and businesses interested in achieving the Association’s goals and objectives of providing an inexpensive, reliable electrical power supply for Idaho’s irrigators.  Contributions to the Association are not classified as charitable but are deductible as a regular business expense.  Less than 10% of the Association’s funds are used for administration.  The balance is used for legal and technical services.  

Lynn Tominaga is executive director of Idaho Irrigation Pumpers Association