Jindal Water Infrastructure Ltd.

Looked after the procurement activities related to WTPs & STPs.

Jindal Water Infrastructure  Ltd. is  ensuring totally secure operations, which are geared to meet the ever-rising demands of stricter standards, Jindal Aquasource is poised to meet crucial economic and environmental challenges. Current Regulations demand considerable volumes of sewerage and effluent to be treated and the ever-higher standards of effluent and waste water management need to be met. To do so, Jindal Aquasource will use the sludge of the waste product and create a product with financial value from it. The solutions offered will help in reducing the volume of sludge produced, stabilize it and at the same time ensure proper hygiene. * Collection of Wastewater * Setting up of Treatment Plants (STP/ ETP/ CETP) * Recycling and Reuse of Wastewater