LAT Water

LAT Water


LAT Water Limited is a British technology company set up to develop and implement new approaches to a renewable energy powered desalination, water and wastewater treatment. We have received three increasingly large awards totaling over one million pounds for innovative technology development from the UK Government. We also have a research partnership with Cambridge University in the UK which enables us to expand technology, investigate and test new materials and gives us the opportunity to access world-class researchers. Our management is a mixture of experienced international businessmen who share a common passion for the delivery of sustainable solutions to the water crisis facing the planet.

We have so far developed two products – the Water Machine – desalination or water/wastewater treatment facility powered by renewable energy or low-grade waste heat that produces fresh water at a lower cost than any existing technologies, in a sustainable manner with a low carbon footprint. Our second product is the Self Irrigating Cool House which is the first commercially available greenhouse in the world that makes its own water, allowing it to be self-sufficient in water, which in turn means that a user can locate it anywhere on the coast regardless of whether or not there is fresh water available. This allows expansion of agriculture in a sustainable and low-cost manner in areas where it would otherwise be impossible. Our technology is covered by international patent filings.