Lotus-Pure Desalination


Lotus-Pure's low-cost, durable, patent-pending vacuum technology enables the distillation of seawater below ambient temperatures (less than 50F).    This allows for the use of plastics and result in CAPEX reduction of 50%.  By fusing the desalination process with other industrial operations, we reduce OPEX by 80%.  The low top operating temperature also reduces scaling, fouling, and corrosion.  Maintenance costs are also reduced by 80%.  Further, our zero liquid discharge process reduces environmental costs by 99%.  


In addition to notable cost reductions in desalination, multiple other revenue sources are created with low-cost leadership!  From this perspective, revenue from desalination at $0.25/cubic meter is insignificant.  Therefore, we aim to offer rebates to residential customers for water used for daily living.  In return, we want desirable financing and tax incentives.

We are currently creating our website: Lotus-Pure.com.  We are also working with the Univ. of Louisville to commercialize this technology.