Maritech CV

Maritech CV

Our aim is to contribute towards a better and cleaner world.

To establish our goals, we  use the SDG‘s as a general guideline.

We specialize in delivering the best available solutions for:

Our emphasis is :

What general contamination usually comes down to is the formation of dynamic communities of surface-attached multi-species forming a  “biofilm” .

All  liquids contain free floating (planktonic) micro-organisms  and have the tendency to initiate bio-fouling on their contact surfaces. What follows is the formation of a biofilm that again will attract and accumulate more of contaminants.

Until recently, biofouling could only be removed manually or with (harmful) surface acting agents such as disinfectants or biocides.

Now we have safer and more  environmentally friendly  methods like ultrasound and the application of “healthy” or “positive” micro-organisms.

Both methods have the advantage of being :

Other advantages :

“Humans, animals and their environment request a change in mentality with regards to the use of biocides”

Biofilms are nutrient-rich layers (often slimy) and grow virtually everywhere and in almost any environment where there is a combination of :

In addition, optimal acidity and temperatures  +  stagnant water will even accelerate the growth.