Mazzei Injector Company, LLC

Mazzei Injector Company, LLC

Ozone Water Treatment Systems. The best performance in water treatment.

Mazzei Pipeline Flash Reactor ™ Rapid Ozone Mass Transfer in a small footprint

Mazzei Airjection® Wastewater Aeration System. Do more with less.

Mazzei Ozone Contacting. A better spa experience with no harmful ozone off-gas

Safe & Cost-effective application of fertilizer and subsurface aeration.

For more than 40 years, Mazzei has developed products providing solutions to water and wastewater problems in the municipal, industrial and agriculture markets, solutions to disinfection and sanitation problems for all markets including pools/spas and aquatics, and a solution for wine pump-over aeration.

Today Mazzei maintains its focus on research and development and is utilizing in-house computational fluid dynamics software to improve its mixing and contacting technologies, which is evident in Mazzei’s: