Module Solar -bg Ltd. is an engineering company that deals with the development and multiplication of innovative technologies in the field of ecology.
Currently, we have successfully completed (design and construction) - a pilot, universal, mobile installation for treatment, recycling and utilization of highly polluted wastewater and sludge, with the accompanying production of bio-fertilizer, bio-gas and, food additives and other commercial attractive components of wastewater.
The proposed technology has a wide range of applications:

- Treatment and decontamination of domestic and agricultural wastewater in animal husbandry and production of high quality organic fertilizer.

- Treatment of industrial wastewater - milk processing, refineries for vegetable and organic oils, infiltration water from landfills, oil products, etc.)
- Utilization of activated sludge from urban WWTP and their transformation into a soil-forming mixture suitable for use in agriculture and land reclamation.
- Reconstruction of obsolete and physically obsolete systems for treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater;

-Fully automated
-Minimum support
-Absence of complex chemical agents
-High technological and stable process
-Functional simplicity and longevity
-Lack of smell.