Our Water Solution

“Without water, there is no life, there is no Plan B.” – Prof. Michael Zaworotko Ph.D.  

All life depends on water, so we made this our number one mission to solve. Global access and distribution of clean water is limited. Current technologies simply do not function in all environments and require an excessive amount of energy. 

The notion that water is plentiful – it covers 70% of the planet – is false, as only 2.5% of all water is freshwater. This limited resource will need to support a projected population of 9.7 billion in 2050; and by that date, an estimated 3.9 billion – or over 40% of the world’s population – will live in severely water-stressed river basins.”  – Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

During our research in this area, we identified that although there may be a shortage of liquid water available to our global population, there is actually an abundance of pure water available in the atmosphere around us, and that gave us an idea. 

“At any moment, the atmosphere contains an astounding 37.5 million billion gallons of water, in the invisible vapor phase.” –  Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at UW-Madison 

We deduced that if we simply looked up for our solution to the humidity in the air around us, and engineered a way to work in harmony with nature’s water cycle, it would be possible to generate your own water, anytime, anywhere you want. This would represent a step forward in solving the global water challenge. 

Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) are machines that allow you to generate clean, potable water directly from the humidity in the air, making water shortages, contamination and logistics a thing of the past. To make AWG equipment work efficiently in the widest array of outdoor conditions possible, we invented a new AWG design, that levers our next generation sorbent to concentrate humidity in even the driest conditions. This makes our AWGs work where others fear to tread.

We are now unveiling our new AWG designs this summer with pilot programs. If you would like to become a part of our Pilot Program Independent Validation and Verification team, please contact us with the link below.