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Montgomerey & Associates


Industry-recognized technical leaders in water resources consulting for more than 30 years

About M&A…

Montgomery & Associates (M&A) has a history of partnering with clients to address their evolving challenges. Our loyal base of clients includes municipalities, private water companies, government agencies, mining companies, industrial entities, and tribal groups who have come to expect state-of-the-art technical innovation combined with a strong, practical understanding of groundwater science. We employ a group of professionals in our U.S. and South American offices who specialize in hydrology, geology, soil science, policy and regulatory affairs, groundwater modeling, GIS analyses and 3D visualization, database management, and instrumentation and monitoring. Most of our principals have more than 20 years of experience; nearly all have master’s or doctoral degrees, along with one or more professional registrations. M&A staff members frequently present at conferences, participate in professional organizations, and serve on advisory boards.

Service Areas:


Our corporate office is located in Tucson, Arizona.  Branch offices are located in Arizona, Colorado, California, Utah, Nevada, Chile, and Perú.