Muscat City Desalination Company

Muscat City Desalination Company


The Plant is based on SWRO technology and one of the largest operational desalination plant in Oman. The SWRO technology employed at the Plant is a proven technology that has been implemented globally on numerous projects.

SWRO process extracts water from the incoming seawater by pushing it under pressure through semipermeable RO membranes to produce pure and high quality water. The process is a low temperature process where no heating is required and does not require any other input other than electricity to drive pumps. The Plant also contains DAF as a preā€treatment system, designed to remove solids from seawater which enables the Plant to operate at full capacity during unforeseen red tide algal blooms and other adverse events such as oil contamination.

The Plant has a capacity of 42 MIGD (191,000 m3/d) and comprises off-shore passive screens, submerged seawater intake and outfall pipelines, a DAF system, dual media filters for pre-treatment, a SWRO system, post treatment with carbon dioxide and a lime dosing remineralisation system plus chlorination and fluoridation, and all other auxiliary systems.