National Adminsitration Romanian Waters

National Adminsitration Romanian Waters

The Romanian Water National Administration has the following attributions: 


 1. unitary and long lasting water resources management both for the surface and for the underground waters, and their protection against exhaustion and degradation like rational and balanced sharing of these resources. 


2. administration, operation and maintenance of the National System of Water Management infrastructure, found within it's own administration;


3. administration, operation and maintenance of minor water river beds, lakes and ponds, in their natural or fitted condition, of the sea wall and beach , wetlands and other areas protected under heritage;


4. administration, operation and maintenance of the National Hydrological and hydro-geological infrastructure system;


5. administration, operation and maintenance of the National System of Water Resources Quality Supervision;


6. Realizing the informatics and telecommunications system within the Water Management System units, developing software products in the field of water management, hydrology and hydro-geology;


7. ensuring the functions of being a single operator for the natural water resources found on the surface or which have just been upgraded  , regardless of any title holder of the arrangement, and for the underground water resources, regardless of their nature and related facilities, with their natural potential, with the exception of the living aquatic resources that are found under law provisions, except the ones expressly provided in the specified rules;


8. allocating the right to use the resources of the surface waters and groundwater in all its forms, for use with their natural potential, with the exception of living aquatic resources, based on subscriptions and in  accordance to the provisions of the Water Law No. 107/1996, and with subsequent amendments;


9. defense against floods through the work of the Water Management units found in it's administration and manage the stocks of materials and specific means of defense against floods;


10. maintenance and operation works of water management of the public domain of the state, as a defense against floods, found in administration;


11. the approval and authorization from the viewpoint of the water management works and activities that take place on waters or related to waters;


12. staff training and improvement within the field of water management in their own training units and / or in collaboration with other specialized institutions;


13. yearbooks development, synthesis, studies, projects, instructions, books and publications in the field of water;


14. developing the directory schemes for planning and managing river basins;


15. fulfilling the commitments made by the Romanian state through international agreements and conventions in the field of water;


16. implementation the EU directives in the field of water.