NordiTube Iberica

NordiTube Iberica



Spiral Wound PVC Pipes 


Agriculture Drainage water storage 

NORDITUBE IBÉRICA is the leading manufacturer of spiral wound PVC pipe systems. The products range from diameters 230 mm up to 3000 mm and are used for gravity and low-pressure flows (up to 20 MCA). The systems are made of spiral wound PVC profile. The profile has a smooth inner surface and a T-shaped outside wall. If an increased circumferential rigidity is required, the pipe may be reinforced with steel. Additionally, manholes, connections, shafts, elbows, etc., linked to the pipe systems, are offered by NordiTube Ibérica. The lightweight design of the system and its special components, along with the ease and simplicity of the installation, make these solutions highly mobile, efficient and cost effective.