Normrock Industries Inc.

Normrock Industries Inc.


At Normrock Industries, we develop environmental technologies since 1987. Primarily focused on innovation and performance, we think and manufacture all of our amphibious machines with the boldest designs, the best accessories and the most advanced equipment on the market. Our Amphibex dredgers, just like our Amphitransports, are fabricated to be multifunctional and excel in all the possible applications. Either for marine excavation, underwater cabling, dredging, aquatic plants control, or any other project, our machines never disappoint on delivering results, no matter what environment they face. Our reputation is based on our promise of perfection and eco-friendly development. Ultimately, we are committed to working closely with the needs of our customers, designing tailored and effective solutions for the most complex projects.

Today, we are proud to offer you a full range of heavy amphibious machinery of unmatched quality and versatility. Our company brilliantly illustrates its specialty to build what is best for carrying out work in aquatic and riparian environments. Our dedication to meeting the demands of the industry and the many environmental challenges remains a priority.