Oceanalpha Co Infor as below :

*Slogan: Go closer to the ocean !

*Business Scope:Unmanned Surface Vessel、Environmental measurement、Cargo、Ocean Survey、Security & Rescue、USV、hydrographic survey、geophysical survey、oil and gas、research、automony、Autonomous Control Systems & high-tech 、Unman Cargo Shipping 、Life Saving 、Explosive Exploration 、Underwater Exploration, Scientific Research & Study 、Hydrology Study and Measurement 、Water Resource Management 、Oceanographic Engineering 、 Civil Engineering 、synergetic fight 、Swam Show Ceremony 、Opening Ceremony 、Lend - Lease Service 、Site Job Support 、Oceanographic Engineering 、Civil Engineering 、 Land engineering 、bay reclamation engineering 、Dredging Support .......

A key world wide solution of oceanograhic engineering, drill support, hydrology, hydrography, geophisycal survey, offshore geotechnicial survey , topographic survey and relative support etc