We are a Copenhagen-based software company with extensive experience in industrial IoT. We consider ourselves industry leaders in connecting operational technology (OT) to IT systems and unifying the data for use in a wide range of IoT and Industry 4.0 initiatives - such as advanced analytics and monitoring.

In order to make this task easy for our customers, we have developed a vast library of software connectors for various industrial devices such as frequency converters, circuit breakers, meters, etc. Our software solutions use this library to collect raw device data and deliver it unified and ready to use. This means our customers don’t need to read device manuals, do bespoke programming or data normalization for each device.

By using Omnio, our customers can divert their focus from manual and time-consuming device integration to delivering business value through their IoT application.

Omnio is primarily being used by IoT applications within key industry verticals such as Manufacturing, Power & Water Utilities, Maritime, Oil & Gas and Commercial Buildings.