Oswald Eppers

K-UTEC AG Salt Technology examines, plans and researches for the salt mining and processing industries throughout the world, undertaking projects and tasks of every size. K-UTEC’s suite of services delivers our clients’ projects from initial concept right through to commissioning and ongoing operations and maintenance. Services cover a wide range of areas that are specific to the needs of each phase in the project lifecycle, from specialist consulting, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies to Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and right through to the commissioning and operational phases. Once a project is determined to be viable, we offer basic engineering, detailed engineering, procurement construction management services and operational turnkey readiness to take the project from concept into operation. Main topic is freshwater and brine management for salt mining and processing. Examples are the production of valuable potassium, magnesium, boron or bromine salts from rejection brines of saltwater desalination plants or the ecoefficient production of lithium hydroxide without the use of hazardous chemicals and almost without the loss of freshwater.