Water isn’t just water anymore.

Plummer assists clients with achieving an all-inclusive use of water by identifying opportunities for optimizing available water supplies for both short- and long-term needs. This includes the evaluation of availability, blending, treatability, use, and management of source waters from conventional surface supplies such as sea water, lakes, reservoirs, and rivers as well as groundwater supplies from both fresh and brackish aquifers.

Our holistic approach also includes assisting clients with the innovative use and management of non-conventional supplies such as stormwater and reclaimed water. Water treatment methods for a variety of potable and non-potable uses are quickly evolving. Plummer engineers and scientists assist clients with innovative solutions for optimizing treatment of water and wastewater to a variety of water quality levels for a broad range of potable and non-potable uses including augmentation of existing supplies through aquifer storage and recovery as well as direct/indirect and potable/non-potable reuse.