Power Innotech is a Technological Startup whose knowledge, products and services are focused on the  High Performance  Power   Electronics.  

To design and develop our solutions, we use the latest  Wide Band Gap Semiconductor  technologies (SiC, GaN),  planar   passive   technologies  based on the aerospace applications and last generation of  power   topologies driving  and control  strategies .

Power Innotech develops   disrupting  and  innovative   Power  Technologies  to improve the efficiency and operation costs of the several Industrial Processes .

Our Technologies provide to our customers several market advantages:

a .High Power Efficiency - Low Losses and Low OverCosts

b. High Power Quality - Low Reactive Consumes and Zero Penalties

c. High Power Density - Low Volume and Weight

d. IoT Power Sytems for Industry 4.0 - Connectivity, Controllabillity, Monitoring and Fault-Tolerant

We are continuously seeking commercial and research collaborations!