Prd Tech Inc.

Prd Tech Inc.


Designs and builds decentralized, compact wastewater treatment plants for businesses to achieve on-site treatment cost-effectively. Payback time is one year or less. Why pay surcharges to local municipal plants?

PRD Tech is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Kentucky since November 1996. We are located in the Greater Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky metropolitan area, just minutes from the international airport. PRD Tech provides innovative state-of-the-art environmental control equipment on a turnkey basis, for a diverse range of municipal and industrial applications. PRD Tech also provides environmental research and consulting services to the industries. We often interface with academic institutions, in order to perform the research services, as necessary, typically as part of pilot-scale evaluations for given client-specific applications. This unique service feature is popular among several of our clients, as it allows them to “check it out” for themselves, prior to committing to the solution strategy in the full-scale! For a small investment that is usually a fraction of the full-scale implementation costs and possibly with some tax incentives by engaging the services of research institutions, this is a great way to take the best foot forward in adopting the cleaner environment solutions affordably, while still maintaining bottom line. 

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