Promonting Tehnika

Promonting Tehnika

Our company has the most modern technical aids and tools (Autocad, Abis Ava construction software – LBHT-based tender program with ÖNORM interface, Microsoft Office 365, various technical calculations such as heating and cooling load calculation, simulation program, etc.). They help us to make the planning process short and efficient.

Such short planning times are extremely useful for the implementation of projects or the adaptation of the project to changed user specifications in a short time.

Communication and data transmission between us and our customers and planning partners takes place via the Internet in all common data forms.
Together with long-term electrical planning partners, we can offer comprehensive technical planning services.

So far, our company has always provided such comprehensive planning services to the satisfaction of our customers.

Due to a multitude of activities, we see ourselves as the ideal partner for the planning and implementation of construction projects of all sizes and uses.
Due to the flexible structure of the company and the focus on project specifications, we can carry out your projects according to schedule and costs.