Resolute Marine

Resolute Marine


Resolute Marine has developed a unique technology that harnesses ocean wave energy to produce fresh water in areas where large-scale seawater desalination plants are too expensive and take too long to build and where diesel-electric systems deliver limited quantities of high-cost water and add significant costs and environmental risks. Our mission is to significantly improve access to water for coastal populations and industrial/agricultural operations in developing countries and small island developing states (SIDS) and to displace the diesel-electric desalination system that are currently in wide use worldwide.

Our Wave2OTM technology is a cost-effective, highly scalable “renewable water” solution that enables water resource managers to align supply and demand in water-stressed areas that would otherwise be overlooked and where Wave2OTM has compelling economic advantages over both large-scale, centralized desalination plants and smaller-scale diesel-driven desalination systems.

The ocean is a vast and largely untapped renewable energy resource that can be harnessed to support sustainable development while, at the same time, significantly reducing the carbon emissions that contribute to ocean acidification, temperature rise and other threats to ocean health. Ocean waves are ideally suited to power desalination plants because of their superior energy density, consistency and predictability compared to other renewable energy resources like wind and solar.

While building its execution capabilities and achieving its business objectives, Resolute is firmly committed to upholding the highest standards of ocean sustainability while delivering exceptional triple-bottom-line returns to stakeholders in terms of financial, social and environmental benefits.