ROTEC Ltd. has developed an innovative desalination technology called  Flow Reversal  designed to be implemented in existing and new desalination facilities for brackish water and other industrial applications. Flow Reversal enables significant system performance improvements, which leads to higher profitability, savings on operational costs, and reduced environmental impact associated with desalination.

ROTEC’s unique solution (Flow Reversal technology) is designed to inhibit and prevent mineral scaling, a common phenomenon in the membrane-based desalination process. Mineral scaling leads to membrane plugging, which limits recovery rates, increases cleaning frequency, and reduces the membrane’s lifespan. ROTEC’s solution allows plants to operate at higher recoveries without being exposed to the hazard of mineral scaling and its negative effect on system performances.

ROTEC’s solution substantially improves system performance compared to standard reverse osmosis desalination systems in several ways:  increasing process recovery by 20%, dramatically reducing brine volumes required for disposal by up to 70% and minimizing or eliminating anti-scalant chemical consumption. 

ROTEC seeks to penetrate the brackish water and industrial desalination market, taking advantage of the fact that the technology can be introduced to RO desalination plants either as a retrofit or as part of new plant design. The Flow Reversal technology has been successfully validated by Mekorot (Israeli National Water Company), GE Water, SUEZ, PUB and was recently approved by Coca-Cola.

To date, ROTEC is active in 15 countries around the world with more than 20 installations applying its Flow Reversal technology.