Salinity Solutions

Salinity Solutions


The Salinity Story so far...

In the early 2000s: Professor Philip Davies, travelled the world witnessing the challenges of water stress and the complexity and cost of desalination systems.  He felt there must be a better way.  

2010: Philip led a research team at Aston University and published his first paper designing a high efficiency adaptation of the established reverse osmosis method of desalination.
Philip spent the next 10 years and £3m in research grants at Aston and Birmingham Universities developing a better system, designing 3 orientations, building 5 prototypes and implementing 4 field trials on 3 continents.

2016: Tim Naughton was looking for a thesis project for his mechanical engineering degree at Aston University and spoke to most of the engineering faculty.  Philip's work captured his imagination and motivation to solve a global problem.

2018: Together Philip and Tim moved to the University of Birmingham and finished the build and test of the full scale prototype.  The first patent was registered.

2019: The Innovate UK funded ICURe programme, supported by University of Birmingham Enterprise business incubator, provided a £200k grant for development of the 2nd generation full scale prototype.

2020: UoB Enterprise introduced Tim to Clean Engineering, who loved the mission and the authenticity and dedication of Philip & Tim.

2021: Clean Engineering invests and Salinity Solutions Ltd is launched.