School of Wood, Water and Natural Resources, Uni. of Dschang, P.O Box 786 Ebolowa


A-    Option Industrial valorization of Wood and Fibers

LPBOET 525: Industry chemical of wood (Paper pulp, tannins, resins, distillation, pyrolysis) MPIB932: Technologies of pulps and papers, diagnostic and yields

B-    Option Energetic Valorization of Biomass

MPVB744: Chemistry of wood I/MPBE813: Chemistry of lingo-cellulosic materials (ML)

C.    Biomass Forestry II

1.    Processes of Transformation and Products

MPIB814: Adhesives for wood, MPIB815: Engineering of wood and composite materials

2.    Technologies of Bioengineering and Products

MPBE922: Furnace/Boiler and bioelectricity/ MPBE925: Thermochemical yields