Sergiu Jiduc Consulting

I help decision- and policy-makers to decide what actions they should take in an attempt to make society more sustainable. I offer proven excellence in policy and data analysis and written/verbal communication.

Environmental Consulting

Sustainable solutions require an appreciation of the complex interrelationships between economic, social, and environmental drivers. Through deep and broad expertise, I develop integrated solutions to complex environmental and sustainability issues. I can support clients to meet environmental responsibilities and secure the economic benefits of sustainable development. This expertise can be deployed through:

Research & Data Analysis

Thanks to a diverse knowledge of environmental disciplines and a proven ability to make use of established research techniques, I can conduct insightful research and analysis on specific projects and climate sector trends. More specifically, I can offer high-quality data collection and analysis services to clients in need of forward-looking environmental studies, and policy and economic appraisals.

I offer conceptualization and mainstream analytics such as quantitative research (e.g. geospatial modeling, statistical analysis, economic appraisal) and qualitative research (e.g. semi-structured interviewing and focus group delivery, fact-finding and case building, written communication, and literature reviews). I can translate research results into meaningful recommendations and tailor them according to a targeted audience, either this being scientific, policy, or market-oriented.

I also understand that time pressure can allow errors to creep into outputs by even the most experienced professionals. I provide quality control solutions such as technical editing, document review and quantitative audit.

Science Communication

I can speak to both technical and non-technical audiences at either public or private conferences about a variety of environmental topics ranging from climate change to organizational sustainability. This also includes communicating a variety of global and regional insights verbally and in writing to contribute to the strategy and planning process. 

Furthermore, by using compelling case studies and stories from my previous research and mountaineering expeditions, I can share insightful tips on how to reach effective teamwork and leadership in a group or organization.

I approach and deliver my speaking engagements with careful planning, innovative media techniques, and persuasive delivery of information. My previous public speaking events include National Geographic Explorers Festival, TEDx Square Mile, and university and corporate seminars such as Oxford University Exploration Society seminar and Flood Expo London.