Shanxi Global Import & Export Co

Shanxi Global Import & Export Co


With over 20 ​years of ​experience as ​professionals ​in water and ​air purification ​treatment ​industry, ​Shanxi Global ​is located in ​Jincheng city, ​southeast of ​Shanxi Province,​ the largest ​anthracite coal ​production area ​of China, ​unique natural ​resource ​advantages laid ​a solid ​foundation for ​us to supply ​economical and ​good quality ​water and air ​purification ​treatment ​materials. it ​enabled us to ​supply 2000 ​tons anthracite ​filter media, ​600 tons coal ​based activated ​carbon , 1000 ​tons zeolite ​and 1000 tons ​garnet per ​month for ​various ​industries ​including water ​and waste water ​treatment, ​process water ​treatment, pool ​water treatment,​ sea water ​desalization, ​food and ​beverage ​industry , ​pharmaceutical ​industry ​petrochemical ​industry, ​chemical ​industry, metal ​recovery ​industry and ​air purification ​treatment(odor ​contriol , VOC ​adsorption, ​flue gas, air ​condition, auto ​emission), as ​catalyst or ​catalyst ​carrier in ​synthetic ​industry and ​much more ​whether you ​require water ​wash, acid wash ​, impregnated, ​our talented ​team of experts ​will provide ​customized and ​specifically ​designed ​solutions to ​meet your ​unique needs. ​our goal is to ​provide the ​very best ​competitive ​materials ​available to ​our customers. ​Shanxi Global ​Co.,Ltd is ​dedicated to ​meeting a high ​level customer ​satisfaction , ​your concerns, ​comments and ​suggestions ​will be really ​appreciated, ​please do not ​hesitate to ​contact us in ​any way you ​prefer

Shanxi Global Import & Export Co.,Ltd is a profession and reliable supplier of anthracite filter media, activated carbon, garnet sand, zeolite sand, manganese sand and ion exchange resin etc for water treatment from Jincheng City, Shanxi Province, China.

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