State Hydraulic Works

State Hydraulic Works


Development of water resources in Turkey began with the establishment of the "General Directorate of Public Works" (Ottoman Turkish: Umur-u Nafia Müdüriyet-i Umumiyesi‎) by the Ottoman Government in 1914. The institution started to undertake continuous and systematical studies on irrigationreclamationflood control, navigation, water storage and distribution.

in 1925, soon after the foundation of the Turkish Republic, regional offices were opened in AdanaAnkaraBursaEdirne and Izmir under the "Waters Directorate". Due to insufficient financial resources and field observations data available, water projects could not be expedited as planned. Severe drought, occurred in 1929, led to the establishment of the more comprehensive institution of "Waters General Directorate". In 1939, it was reorganized in "Water Works General Directorate". The agency conducted studies on feasibility, planning, gauging and water level recording.

Finally in 1954, the institution was named "General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works" and assigned to the Ministry of Public Works.[2] State Hydraulic Works was reassigned later to the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Since not a long time, the agency reports to the minister of environment and forestry.