The world leader in the field of data-driven smart agriculture

SupPlant is a world leading company in the field of “IOT” in agriculture. By changing the basic concept of irrigation methods, the SupPlant unique technology can save water on global scales and improve productivity and yields. SupPlant’s unique artificial intelligence system is able to analyze data generated from crops through sensors and translate this data into irrigation commands. The system allows autonomous irrigation, based on plant and fruit data in correlation to the water content in the soil and climatic measurements. Using a multitude of hardware sensors and unique algorithms, we collect data, analyze it, apply sophisticated algorithms, in order to provide optimization in irrigation regimes, and ensuring healthy and robust harvests with minimal water usage.

“Closing the Loop” in the main philosophy of the solutions, providing actionable recommendations which are activated and controlled automatically.

SupPlant’s main services:

  1. DECISION SUPPORT – Alerts and notifications generated from the field; accurate protocols for implementation of agro-chemicals based on real-time crop data; agronomic guidance.
  2. GROWTH-BASED IRRIGATION – GBITM – A unique closed-loop irrigation system, fully autonomous and reactive to plants needs in real time: already commercial in 14 of the worlds largest markets, showing constant results of 30% water savings and above 5% increase in yields on average, in a wide range of crops.
  3. SMART INTEGRATION – Turn-Key agriculture projects, built from the ground up to be fully integrated with SupPlant’s data based autonomous technology.
  4. RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT – Commercial applied-research and trials, based on SupPlant’s unique sensing analysis and stress detection capabilities.