Survivor Filter

Survivor Filter


A Company With A Simple Goal
To provide people with access to clean water in any environment when they need it most. 

Survivor Filter was created following our founder’s former career consulting on military operations alongside the US in troubled hot zones. Through these experiences, he witnessed firsthand the emergency of a global water crisis and the need to provide better technology and access to clean water to combat this.

At Survivor Filter, we understand that access to clean water is the most basic and pressing need for humanity. Thus, Survivor Filter was created, to provide every person with access to clean, drinkable water in any environment.

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More than just selling water filters, our goal is to educate and provide support for those looking for the right tools to enhance their outdoor activities, adventures and protect themselves and their families from water emergencies. At Survivor Filter, our customers have always been our top priority and we pride ourselves in taking care of every customer individually.

We do not believe in the philosophy that every sale is a one and done. We believe that every customer is a lifetime customer and a member of our family. That is why unlike our competitors, who never respond to your concerns or questions, we encourage you to call us or message us with all questions, comments, and concerns. Even if you call us and are looking for a product that does not fit what we offer, we will guide you on what’s out there to make the best decisions for yourself and your families.