SWIIM’s journey began in humble beginnings – back in 2009, with an idea on how to help growers throughout the west quantify, protect and monitor their crop-water usage in a precise, while cost-effective way. We wanted to limit what is referred in our parts as “buy and dry” – the buying up, and drying out of large swaths of agricultural land, for their most valuable asset – water.

We embarked on a five-year research and development projected, partnering with the USDA, regional land-grant universities and other agricultural stakeholders throughout the region. Everyone in our company comes from an agricultural background (or has a deep love for ag) – as well as a healthy respect for the challenges growers face every day. Specifically, the challenges as it relates to their water rights and related allocations. Without sustainable access to water, we can’t grow crops. Unlike other resources, there is no substitute for water – and with over 75% of our renewable water located in agriculture, this source has a target on its back. We look to balance the scales and retain agricultural water rights within their historic use – primarily in agriculture while allowing for flexibility in use. You can’t protect what you don’t precisely measure.

With new challenges around water availability and allocation, we help all sizes of growers, and their respective irrigation districts and ditch companies manage this precious resource with a precision not previously available. We provide a pathway for sustainable incentives to growers for conservation of their respective water rights. We provide this, with a verifiable audit trail for your water use accounts not dissimilar to what your CPA might provide for your financial accounts.

We are honored and proud to say that Western Growers Association is a strategic partner of ours. Why you might ask? Because they are a trusted advocate for growers throughout the Western United States and they advocate for their interests, including protection and maximization of their most valuable asset – water. That, in today’s environment is generally in short supply.

We are your trusted, on-farm water accountants. With a planning tool and patented management process co-developed with the help of the USDA, we serve some of the largest clients you could think of – and those you will never see. Growers that wish to know where every drop is going – their livelihoods depend on this level of precision.

We are thankful for the opportunity to serve our various stakeholders and I personally welcome you to SWIIM System, Ltd.

Kevin France
Chief Executive Officer