TAM Ceramics

TAM Ceramics

TAM Ceramics produces water filter media of granulated ceramics, coated with a small amount of silver.

Large scale water filtration systems will be point -of-use, educing waterborne pathogens to the highest standard. Depending on gravity only thee is no need for electricity, chemicals or gadgetry of any kind. 

For developing world applications the large-scale filter systems will maximize accomplishment of the 2030 goal number 6 as is possible by no other means.  ON a community basis safe drinking water will be available for all,  leaving no one behind.

TAM Ceramics ​operates on 35-​acres of ​research, ​development, ​storage and ​manufacturing ​facilities that ​produce a wide ​range of high ​quality ​engineered ​ceramic powders ​for the process ​industries.​  Our ​products are ​shipped to a ​diverse base of ​domestic and ​international ​customers that ​represent the ​refractory, ​chemical, ​automotive, and ​electronics ​sectors. ​

TAM Ceramics, ​Niagara Falls ​NY.  ​