Terlyn Industries

Terlyn Industries


TERLYN Industries Inc. was founded in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1996 and moved the corporate headquarters to Clearwater, Florida in 2001. In this time, TERLYN has developed seven (7) different and distinct water treatment products and also designs assembles a series of peristaltic feed pumps, all of which are sold on a national scale.

TERLYN Industries, Inc. is the sole owner of the Terlyn Cooling Tower Water Conservation Program. The Terlyn Cooling Tower Water Conservation Program reduces the wastewater bleed-off requirement of standard cooling tower water treatment by over 90%!

This is possible because our cooling tower water treatment scale inhibitor has a molecular bonding strength that is significantly greater than any other water treatment in the industry. This allows cooling tower systems to hold much greater amount of solids in solution without forming scale. This allows cooling tower systems to carry cycles of concentration well beyond the limitations of standard water treatment, providing unprecedented water conservation and wastewater reduction. In many cases the water conservation and monetary savings created by our program will exceed the cost of the treatment while simultaneously saving millions of gallons of water for our environment.