Tethys Desalination

Tethys Desalination


Solar Desalination

TSD has developed a novel, ground-breaking, technology which offers a unique solution to the most pressing problem of the 21st century – Water Scarcity. 

Based on a unique design, our solar system eliminates most of the infrastructural and energy costs, making it the most economical, modular, off-grid and environmentally friendly solution currently in existence. 
TSD modular solution is easy to deploy and expand according to client’s needs. The scale of our products can range anywhere from 0.05m3/day up to 10,000 m3/day and beyond. 
Our decentralized solution could potentially serve billions around the world: meet the need of a private household, a school, a factory or a village. The perfect solution for a range of conditions and circumstances, especially for those in remote areas where electricity supply is not guaranteed, cut-off communities due to natural disasters or post-conflict situation.