The Climate Institute

The Climate Institute


Established in 1986

Board Members

Sir Crispin Tickell

Ablington, United Kingdom
Director, Director of the Policy Foresight Programme of the James Martin Institute for Science and Civilization at the University of Oxford
Former United Kingdom Permanent Representative to the United Nations
Former British Ambassador to Mexico and Permanent Secretary of the Overseas Development Administration

John C. Topping, Jr.

Bethesda, Maryland
President, Climate Institute
Former Staff Director, Office of Air and Radiation, US EPA

Luis Roberto Acosta 

Mexico City, Mexico 
President, Climate Institute Mexico and Latin America
Winner, Miguel Aleman Prize, 2000

Charles Bayless

Gilford, NH
Chair, Arctic Climate Action Registry 
Former President, West Virginia University Institute of Technology

Dr. Noel Brown

New York, NY
President, Friends of the United Nations
Former Regional Director for North America, United Nations Environment Programme

Joseph A. Cannon

Provo, Utah 
Founding CEO, Fuels Freedom Foundation

Thomas R. Casten

Westmont, Illinois 
Chairman, Recycled Energy Development 
Founder, Trigen Energy Corporation
Founder, Primary Energy Ventures LLC

Dr. Robert Corell

Key Biscayne, Florida
Chair, Climate Action Initiative
Principal, Global Environment and Technology Foundation
Former Chair, Arctic Climate Impact Assessment 

Dr. Devra Davis

Jackson Hole, Wyoming
President, Environmental Health Trust
Former Director, Center for Environmental Oncology, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center 
Author,  When Smoke Ran Like Water
Author,  The Secret History of the War on Cancer

Carlos Diaz Leal

Mexico City, Mexico
International Liaison, Climate Institute Mexico and Latin America
President, Yu –Bal -Cah Educational Park

Michele Fetting

Pittsburg Pennsylvania
Health and Environmental Consultant

Dr. Thomas Gale

Centreville, Maryland 
Trustee, Thomas H. and Barbara W. Gale Foundation 
Proprietor, Eversley Farm in Centreville, Maryland

Barbara Hernández

Mexico City, Mexico
President, Fundación Pedro y Elena Hernández 
Board Member, RARE

Philip L. Johnson

Washington D.C.
President and CEO
Green Terra Energy Corporation

Bert Kerstetter

Princeton, New Jersey
Chairman, Everfast, Inc.

Nasir Khattak

Falls Church, Virginia
Chief Operating Officer, Climate Institute
Coordinator, Vision 20/30

Marilyn Lord

Meriden, New Hampshire
Educator, Kimball Union Academy

Dr. Stephen Leatherman

Chairman, 1988 – 1990
Miami Florida
Professor, Florida International University

Dr. Michael MacCracken

Bethesda, Maryland 
Chief Scientist for Climate Change Programs, Climate Institute
President, International Association on Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences (2003-2007)
Senior Editor,  Sudden and Disruptive Climate Change: Exploring the Real Risks and How We Can Avoid Them  (2007) 



John Noel III

Nashville, Tennessee 
President, John Noel Investment Company 
President, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Margie Simon de Ortiz

Mexico City, Mexico
Director General, CICEANA

Oriana Tickell de Castello

Mexico City, Mexico
Founding Partner, CORPX Coach SC

Tim Petri

Washington, DC 
Former Wisconsin Congressman (1979-2015)

Linda Brown

Katie Glance

Rochester, NY

President, Center for Environmental Leadership Training

Former Researcher, The Climate Institute


William A. Nitze

Chairman, Nov 2002 – Feb 2009
Washington, DC
Chairman,  Oceana Energy Company
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State 1987-1989
US EPA Assistant Administrator for International Activities 1994-2001

Mark Goldberg

Co-founder of Climate Institute and former Chairman (2009-2012) and Vice Chairman (1989-2009)
Chief Executive Officer, Climate Institute; former Executive Vice President, National Coalition on Health Care;  Lester Crown Visiting Professor of Management and Distinguished Faculty; Fellow, Yale School of Management; Publisher of the McKinsey Quarterly and Director of Public Affairs, McKinsey & Company; Editor and Publisher of the Brookings Review, Brookings Institution; and Counselor to the Special Assistant to the President for Consumer Affairs, White House

Honorary Board Members*

John P. Bond

Fairfax, Virginia 
Formerly Executive Director, Global Legislators for a Balanced Environment (GLOBE)

Dr. H. Nuzhet Dalfes

Istanbul, Turkey 
Professor of Climate and Marine Sciences and Dean, Informatics Institute, 
Istanbul Technical University

Lynne Todd Edgerton 

Nashville, Tennessee
Former Member, California Air Resources Board
Author,  The Rising Tide

Christopher Flavin

Washington, DC 
President, Emeritus, Worldwatch Institute

Dr. Lee W. Huebner

Washington, DC
Director, School of Media and Public Affairs, George Washington University 
Former President, American University of Paris 
Former Publisher, International Herald Tribune and Oil Daily

Dr. Michael McElroy

Cambridge, Massachusetts
Gilbert Butler Professor of Environmental Studies, Harvard University
Chair, Interfaculty Initiative on the Environment, Harvard University
Founding Chair, Department of Planetary and Earth Science, Harvard University 
Chairman of the Board, International Research Institute for Climate Prediction, a Columbia University and NOAA joint undertaking

Dr. Shuzo Nishioka

Tsukuba, Japan 
Former Director, Center for Global Environmental Research, 
Japan Environment Agency

Daniel Power

Pace, Florida
President and CEO,  Oceana Energy Company

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Chairman, Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment 
Professor in Environmental Science, Free University of Amsterdam 

James Lee Witt 

Washington, DC 
President, James Lee Witt Associates
Director, Federal Emergency Management Agency, (FEMA) 1993-2001

Hon. Tom Roper

Melbourne, Australia
Director, Global Sustainable Energy Islands Initiative 
Retired Member of Parliament from the State of Victoria, Australia 
Former Australian Minister for Planning and Environment 
Former State Treasurer, State of Victoria, Australia

*non-voting, but contribute to planning of Climate Institute activities

Historical Listing of Climate Institute Board Chairs

Paul Pritchard


Dr. Stephen Leatherman


Sir Crispin Tickell

1990- 2002

William Nitze

2002- 2009

Mark Goldberg

2009- 2012

Sir Crispin Tickell

2012- Present