Ultrafine Gums

Ultrafine Gums


DescriptionAltrafine Gums is a company involved in the production and marketing of high quality natural gum products such as the guar gum powder, cassia tora powder, tamarind kennel powder, sesbania gum powder, fenugreek gum and other related products.

The company has gained reputation as a market leader in quality gums production and sales. We have been in existence for over 35 years now, and have a great wealth of experience in the products that the company manufactures. The company’s success has been achieved through engaging in intensive research and innovation in extraction and processing methods that deliver high quality products and are cost effective. The company aims to be a global leader in manufacturing and export of the gum extracts and many more products under research. Our mission is to develop great relationships with our clients through excellent customer service, innovative and customized products that will address the real needs of the market.