Vandersat is a provider of satellite-observed water and temperature data and services. With its proprietary satellite technology, VanderSat works with global organizations to solve water-related challenges. VanderSat applies satellite remote sensing by combining passive microwave data obtained from different satellites resulting in accurate, high-resolution images of soil moisture, at any place on earth, every day. This reveals a data set that can be used to retrieve crucial information about the vulnerability of water and food resources at field level. 

VanderSat supports global humanitarian and aid programs in improving their abilities to better anticipate climate change induced natural catastrophes, such as those resulting from droughts and floods, and improve planning of humanitarian aid programs. Its water management solution, based on predictive and accurate measurement of soil moisture, provides detailed information on the vulnerability of water resources as well as predictors for both droughts and floods. It also conducts inundation monitoring for flooding insights with global data sets, on 10 x 10-meter area with 3-6 day observation interval even during cloud cover and darkness, when optical satellites do not work.

Based in Haarlem in the Netherlands, VanderSat was founded in 2015. It was part of the Horizon 2020 Water4Agri project that received a total of €1.3 million in funding. VanderSat counts Smart Re, BASF, Rabobank and the Dutch Water Authority among its various clients. 

Key knowledge and unique satellite insights about the world's most precious resource: water

Whether you operate regionally, nationally or globally. VanderSat provides the highest resolution, cost-effective and information-rich water and temperature data in the world. These industries are putting VanderSat data to use.

Food & Agriculture

Learn how we help the world's farmers grow more with less water and reduce pesticide use by providing science based data to farmers across the globe.


Learn how we provide key input for more accurate risk assessments for drought, floods and crop yield predictions.

Water Management

Our solutions are fueling water management systems across the globe. Creating a safer environment.

Social & Environmental Impact

Let us show you how we inform humanitarian aid organisations where in the world to start mobilising local aid workers before anyone else.