Vero Water

Vero Water

Inspired  Living

The art of authentic, pure water.  Vero Water® is a healthy lifestyle choice for Inspired Living.

Becoming a Vero Water® establishment allows you to offer great tasting water, be environmentally responsible, and increase your profits significantly vs. traditional bottled water brands. 

Discerning Palates

At Vero, we take pride in the fact that our water purification and bottling systems are used by world-renowned restaurants, hotels & resorts. Our clients, as well as your guests, demand the highest quality Still & Sparkling water, which we work hard to deliver.

Vero Water’s® crisp, clean taste is possible thanks to our breakthrough Vero+ technology, which reduces impurities, chemicals & imperfections, while delivering a perfectly refreshing taste you won’t find with ordinary filtered water.

Reduce Waste, Increase Sales

Imported Bottled Water requires up to 2,000 times more energy to deliver than Vero Water®. Using the latest in purification technology, the Vero Water® bottling system is uniquely designed to create a nearly zero carbon footprint,  for your guests to enjoy.

Choosing Vero helps hotels, restaurants, and corporations significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Serving Vero's eco-friendly water  can be a vital step toward achieving Green certifications such as LEED and Green Seal.

WHOLE WORLD WATER is the exclusive water charity of Vero Water®. Together we are eliminating plastic waste, reducing carbon emissions & most importantly, raising funds for clean and safe water initiatives around the world.

The Vero Difference

Vero Water® makes an impact wherever its served. Our proprietary water purification system consistently delivers fresh, clean water for you and your guests to enjoy. Vero helps reduce costs, generate new income streams and maintain high taste standards at your establishment. Our dedication to the environment is also unparalleled, reducing your carbon footprint and keeping landfills free of excess glass and plastic waste, which is good news for you.