WaterGen Ltd

WaterGen Ltd


Water-Gen  has begun its ​operation in ​the  defense  market, ​designing state-​of-the-art ​  solutions  for  water supply  . Among these ​are atmospheric ​water ​generation (​drinking water-​from-air), ​treatment of ​air conditioning ​run-off water, ​and battery-​operated mobile ​water ​purification ​units. The ​products are ​designated as ​ground ​installations, ​vehicle-mounted,​ and man-​portable. The ​company has ​been selling ​its products to ​customers such ​as the US Army, ​UK Army, Israel ​defense Force, ​French Army, ​and others. ​

Atmospheric ​drinking water ​generation ​  can also be ​regarded as air ​dehumidification.​ This field ​includes common ​home appliances ​such as laundry ​dryers, air ​dehumidifiers, ​air conditioners,​ dry storage, ​etc. In these ​areas, Water-​Gen technologies ​can decrease ​energy ​consumption ​significantly ​by using ​inexpensive (​mostly simple ​plastic), small ​size, and ​highly ​efficient ​methods and ​components. ​

Watergen has developed a unique, cutting-edge, patented technology where clean drinking water is generated from the air we breathe using cost-effective energy consumption. 

Watergen’s impact is creating both an additional clean drinking water source and accomplishing it in the most economically efficient manner, making its unique technology available to all. 

Watergen’s revolutionary technology has presented a much-needed challenge to save human lives by improving the quality of life for billions of people around the world who suffer from contaminated water sources and the lack  of or shortage of a continuous supply of clean drinking water. 

Generating the water directly from the air enables watergen’s solutions to be completely independent and autonomous, requiring no infrastructure what so ever but electricity, making it literally a plug and drink solution, aimed for everyone.