Time for Positivity: Water news is dominated by negative stories about pollution, shortages, and looming crises. Gloomy coverage feeds pessimism and distracts from education about the positive developments, potential solutions, and success stories.

Spotlight on Solutions: There are many examples of uplifting projects and change-making people in water. waterloop shares these examples and highlights how challenges can be turned into opportunities for progress and provide models for others to follow.

Raising Awareness: waterloop presents conversations about water through videos, podcasts, and social media. Greater understanding of the importance of water and options to increase sustainability improves stewardship, management, and support for projects and policies. 
Elevating Important Topics: Recent topics on waterloop include restoring waterways, community benefits from projects, safe drinking water, climate resilience, environmental justice, nature-based infrastructure, innovative finance, use of data and technology, and coastal issues.

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