Zerho Waste Management t/a Zerho Waterless Toilet

Zerho Waste Management t/a Zerho Waterless Toilet

The Zerho is an environmentally friendly waste disposal device. It is a compact (1,6m X0,6m), sealed, self-contained unit, effectively isolating the faeces from man, animals, insects, nature and weather, preventing the spread of most harmful organisms. The dome-shaped cover ensures airflow through the device, drying the contents and disposing of odours.

No chemicals or additives are required. A urine diversion located in the toilet pan diverts fluid from the unit. Males use a wall-mounted urinal. The unit is emptied by lifting the lid.

A basket, containing the dried faeces, is attached to the lid. There is no direct contact with the contents of the basket. The device is suitable for urban and rural areas as an alternative to waterborne sanitation. The Zerho is child-safe.

The Zerho Waterless Toilet is developed in South Africa, and patented during 2003.  In 2005 the Zerho was granted an Innovation Design Award by the CSIR (South African Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research).

For us at Zerho, it is about raising awareness on the huge and growing need for safe sanitation; which the Zerho Toilet can contribute towards in a uniquely sustainable way.