Aqua Nirvana Fund Water Treatment in Kenya

Aqua Nirvana Fund Water Treatment in Kenya

The Aqua Nirvana Foundation Will Fund Three Water Purification Systems in the Masai Mara, Kenya

Kenya has one of the world's most underdeveloped and struggling populations, and for decades the country has been faced with water scarcity. Today 43% of the Kenyan population are without access to clean water. Many of the Aqua Nirvana Foundation's projects are based in areas of the country where water scarcity is at its worst.

Together with the Centre of Expertise Water Technology, Aqua Nirvana identified three sites in the Masai Mara region that needed their help. The first project, which will be implemented at Basecamp Masai Mara, will install a water purification system that will supply up to 100 people per day with safe drinking water, as well as clean water storage tanks, that will enable them to keep water in a sterile environment for future use.

The Talek Children School - Aqua Nirvana's second project - has been experiencing water shortage which has left the children without water for hours and even days at a time. Through the implementation of the water purification filters and a bigger water tank the students will have access to safe and clean drinking water whenever they like.

Aqua Nirvana Founder Erik Henriksen said: "The rural population of Kenya are worst affected by the on-going water crisis. It is therefore crucial that we not only fund the building of new water projects, but that we provide efficient water management systems so that we can ensure that people can access clean water for long into the future.

"One of our projects is taking place at the Talek Health Centre which serves as the main referral centre for medical treatments for the surrounding areas in the Masai Mara. However, the centre lacks the capabilities to maintain clean water which has an enormous effect on patient care.

"The water purification filters, developed by our partners at Wetsus, will remove contamination from the existing water system and storage tanks will make sure patients and medical staff have access to clean water whenever they need it. We are very pleased and excited that these projects have been approved and we look forward to seeing the change this makes to people's lives in the weeks to come".

As well as these three ongoing projects the Aqua Nirvana Foundation are also funding two water projects at the Oleseara Children School and the Endoinyion community, where they are planning to build rain water harvesting systems, rain gutters and plumbing.

Source: AquaNirvana Foundation

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