A Question about Water Supply Chain

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Good evening everybody, 

I'm dealing a research thesis for master's degree in Emergency and Disaster Management.  I'm writing on this questions page, because I would like to have some advice from water experts who are active on this website. 

My thesis investigates the theme of water scarcity and water shortage at an urban level and tries to apply Supply Chain Management models and tools in the context of Urban water procurement. The thesis assumes that Water Resource Management at urban level might be seen as a supply chain network where the principal stakeholders involved are public and private companies of water sector, governmental institutions and international organisations, each with a specific role in the chain.

Whether it should be possible to design a water supply chain, as a sort of process in which water for urban needs goes through a path that include catchment from the source, procurement, treatment, warehousing and distribution before using it; the  water supply chain, differ from others, not only because of the nature of this resource, but also because, to arrive to the final product- potable water-  many stakeholders from both private and public level, but also intergovernmental and international level (maybe international organisations involved in water supply in contexts where it is scarce) are involved.

The existing literature is almost young about this theme and this vision look almost undefined, both from Supply Chain Management sector and Public procurement and Private/Public partnerships academics views. 

So, what about this theme from expert's side? 

Thanks in advance for the attention.