Best Strategy for Total Trihalomethanes (TTHM) in Drinking Water reduction?

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Came across a strategy that appears to be probably one of the most cost efficient strategies for TTHM reduction. We are interested in challenging this perspective and be open to other alternatives that can be as efficient as this one we will describe for comparison and optimization.

Set up (patented) is a 0.1µ silicon carbide ceramic filtration running on cross flow mode. This set up allows to concentrate the coagulant agent up to 1,500ppm and more, so is kind of an "enhanced enhanced coagulation". There is no need to adjust pH,since the smaller floc can be removed by the 0.1µ pore. System has shown good results even vs ozone ,GAC/PAC and resins. We can provide actual results upon request. Energy consumption  is around 0.3 kw-hr per cubic meter.

Will greatly appreciate your feedback and questions that can be still unanswered.

Our objective is to identify and develop the most cost effective way to reduce TTHM

Carlos Gonzalez CTO

Green Innovation Technologies Inc.