Decentralized Aerobic and Anaerobic Treatment Facility

Our Client has very concentrated wastewater which includes related parameters as follows  pH: 8.12                                                                               Total Suspended Solids:  6.960 mg/ltAmmonia, Total (as N): 610 mg/ltNitrate and Nitrite as N: 8.9 mg/ltNitrate (as N): 8 mg/ltNitrite (as N): 4 mg/ltTotal Kjeldahl Nitrogen: 9.140 mg/ltPhosphorus, Total: 292 mg/ltBOD Carbonaceous: 4.590 mg/lt  The wastewater source is portable toilets. For that reason, the water contains very high concentration levels. I would like to combine an aerobic treatment system (activated sludge/rbc/decentralized treatment facility) with an anaerobic digestor technology and provide a solution for the customer.  What kind of solutions could be efficient? Note that I am open to other alternative treatment solutions, as well.