Developing Countries Access to GSF

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Developing world has a challenge of limited funds to provide adequate water, hygiene and sanitaion infrastructure. Governments in the developing world have little budgetary capacity to tackle all the people's priorities. Most of the developing world has not yet attained the MDG resolution of appropriating upto 15% of GDP to Health including Public health. This calls for water, hygiene and sanitation education to alleviate WASH related and/or borne deaths. We may not down play the importance access roads plays in the WASH programmes.

Question: Since developing world like Uganda cannot do enough to provide adequate WASH facilities and/or services, is the Global Sanitation Fund (GSF) accessible by individuals or companies that would have strategies to sensitise communities on WASH activities and contributing to the erection of infrastructure like labour based access roads and sanitary facilities that would make life worth living for the communities in the developing world?