Drinking Water Supply System Gravity Fed

Drinking Water Supply System Gravity Fed

We were discussing about development of future plan for our city Skardu respect to safe drinking water coverage to all citizens. I have suggested them to allocate fund for consultancy of feasibility, topography and designing for master plan of drinking water supply system for entire city for next fifty years.

But at this stage we need to brief the authorities to highlight the current water crises and and to suggest alternate options to meet the demand the of next fifty years.  

Therefore I want to get some technical feed back on the following matter.

1. Currently there are 150,000 population in the entire city, can you please tell me the current total demand in cusecs. (on the basis of liter per capita per day assuming 80 LPCPD)

(According to an anthropological study it was 40 to 70Ltr per capita per day consumption in the rural communities in 1996, now due to behaveral changes it can be increased up to 80 Ltr per capita per day in the same community) 

2. Total demand in cu secs for next 50 years. 

Do any one have suggestions to incorporate for the concept of development of master plan, it would be very nice help to develop concept to make a successful master plan in future.