How to mitigate the induced (specific to artificial recharge) ground water pollution in India?

How to mitigate the induced (specific to artificial recharge)  ground water pollution in India?

Background thoughts regarding my above question:

Predominantly, Indians use ground water for agriculture, drinking and other commercial/Industrial. Millions of hand pumps/bore wells exist to draw waters from underground reservoirs. Over the decades, many aquifers exhausted and close to exhaust.  >>> resulted to extremely insecure water availability

Industrial/commercial and agri/fertilizers >>> lead to both surface and ground water contamination.

Climate change/human interventions (major contributor)  >>>lead to shrinking natural landscape and natural water structure. They supposed to be natural potential ways of recharging ground water.

The recent trend or fashion to make recharge pits everywhere, particularly in cities>>> I think, there is a potential hazardous water may directly contaminate the aquifers. We may left without clean water on both surface and subsurface. Our recharge filters are not fit enough to clean mixture of waters in cities.  During my school days, we used  drink water directly from hand pump or tap, and from the fields but now trend is changing even in our small village --""pure water is scarce". In future, we need water filter for every glass we drink.

"" I think solution could be give more importance to treat and protect the natural water depressions (water bodies), naturally both our surface water bodies and aquifers safe.""  That is how it designed (geomorphology and geology) by nature.