I’m growing grain corn on 120 acres of a silt soil type.

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a) For my fully grown corn plants, how much would I need to irrigate (inches) to bring my soil from wilting point to field capacity assuming a reasonable management allowable depletion? State all assumptions with appropriate justification. 

b) How many acres would my pond need to be to supply this one irrigation if the pond was 12 feet deep? 

c) If you were a landowner, would this be a feasible or a good investment in your opinion? Justify your response. (30-70 words) 

d) I have 2 x 75 acre fields that are subsurface drained on my farm directly on the northwest corner of Monmouth, Illinois. I’d like to route that drainage water to a 12 ft deep pond to store water for irrigation. Based on long-term climate simulations, what pond storage size (in acre-feet) provides the best investment considering irrigation needs? Round to the nearest 10 acre-ft. Use a screen shot to support your answer